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Choose your 2-DIGIT combination of numbers from 1 to 31 and get a chance to win an INSTANT PRIZE! 
P 1000 cash!  

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December 21, 2008 9PM GMT+8

Numbers are Drawed every Sunday.   Send your entry NOW!


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1. Type your name and your contact infos.

2. Choose a combination of two numbers from the drop boxes.

3. Click Submit Numbers to add your combination to the weekly draw.

4. You will receive a confirmation letter about your chosen two-digit combination of numbers.

NOTE: You can only send an entry ONCE-A-DAY, so be sure to come check the site regularly and the cut-off is every Saturday. The winning two-digit combination are posted every SUNDAY.

In case that you won, you will be required to send your photo or a link to your friendster profile to ensure the authenticity of the player-winner and have it post in the WINNERS page.

In case there are same number combination winning on a certain week only the first person who placed the bet will win.

By playing in the online FREE Lottery, you agreed to the following:
* You can receive Cash payment thru LBC instant padala, Bank Deposit or Smart and Globe Loads.
* The prizes in are provided as-is and will not be held liable in any damage it might ensue to the players.
* For Philippine players only.

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